“Generation Z: Surfing the Heritage” arrives at the Rialto Theatre

“Generation Z: Surfing the Heritage” at the Rialto Theatre in Valencia, from April 25th to 28th, 2024.

This April will see the premiere of “Generation Z: Surfing the Inheritance” in Valencia, a theatrical piece that explores the diversity of Generation Z and the challenges it faces in late modern society.


This work is created through participatory techniques and collective creation, under the direction of Roseta Plasencia, to capture and express, through dance and theater, the fears, needs, concerns, and realities of this group.


“Generation Z: Surfing the Inheritance” is presented as a space for young people to come together and engage in dialogue, fostering the creation of interpersonal networks, empathy, and a sense of belonging.


It is a co-production between Fil d’Arena Dansa Teatre and Projecte escènic Llavor, aimed at empowering the new generations that have completed their studies in performing arts, creating a platform to transition from academic life to the professional world, facilitating access to dignified work.

Projecte escènic Llavor was born from a reduced first version of the piece that was performed within the framework of the 70th International Music and Dance Festival of Granada – FEX Festival 2022. Roseta Plasencia, as a guest choreographer in the “Youth in Dance” program, created the short piece “Surfing the Inheritance” with students from the Reina Sofía Conservatory of Granada. Based on this collaboration within the educational field, the decision was made to create this project for a young company to generate opportunities and paths to professionalization.