Cía Ferroviaria

El traje nuevo del emperador

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Premiere 15/09/2019

New family show by Ferroviaria Company that incorporates scenic languages typical of gestural theater, circus, and live music.


Many years ago, there lived a king who only cared about his appearance and clothing. One day, he heard about two tailors who could make the softest and most delicate fabric imaginable. So, he commissioned them to make a suit with this fabric. Everyone praised and flattered him, not mentioning the one truth: the king was actually naked.

“We must not believe something is true just because everyone believes it; sincerity is a very important value in our lives, as is the freedom of thought.”

This project is supported by the Institut Valencià de Cultura of the Valencian Goverment.

Gestural theater, circus, and live music.


Direction and Adaptation: Paco Macià
Assistant Director: Diego Juan
Musical Composition: Frans Winther (Odin Theater)
Set Design: Ángel Haro
Costume Design: Pedro Lobo
Cast: Eloísa Azorín (Emperor), Albert Giner (Counselor),

Roseta Plasencia (Guilopa), Ayoub Rouifi (Guilopo), Teresa Manzanero (Accordion).


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