Fil d’Arena

Cos a Cos (E-111)

PREMIERE 2/11/2019

This is the work that closes the scenic trilogy ‘LA SAL’, which speaks about migration topics. It started in 2015 with ‘La sal que ens ha partit’, focusing on the physical walls and borders and it was followed by ‘Salt’ in 2017, concerned with the double vulnerable situation of migrant women.

In this new collective creation, Fil d’Arena looks critically at the paper “walls”. The bureaucracy as a tool of institutional violence to keep migrants in a situation of insecurity and vulnerability, the “iron cage” of the bureaucracy that the sociologist Max Weber pointed out as the evil of our modern society.

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A reflection on the concept of belonging to a place; to be from here, to be here, to arrive here… A questionable idea within an overpopulated world in continuous movement. Cos a cos shows the waiting time as a central element in this unequal fight against the bureaucracy and highlights the need of being together, the desire of being united and moving in response.

Dance, Theatre & Circus

An extreme physicality that mixes the concreteness of the words with the strength and the ability to imagine led by the dance.


Creation & Direction: Fil d’Arena (Isabel Abril, Irene Ballester, Roseta Plasencia, Clara Crespo)

Performers: Isabel Abril, Irene Ballester, Sergio Moya, Roseta Plasencia y Hèctor Rodríguez

Visual Advisor: Clara Crespo

Artistic Advisor: Erik Jiménez

Lightning: Ximo Rojo

Lightning Technician: Pablo Giner

Costumes: Estíbaliz Gonzalo

Music Composer: Carles Salvador

Singer: Elma Sanbeat

Video & Photography: Gema Iglesias

Photography: Amparo Moreno, Marc Tomàs, Jose Marin, Rosa Sagredo

Communication & Marketing: Vanessa Montesinos

Set Design: Santi Montón

Grafic Design: Assad Kassab

Production: Fil d’Arena

Indoors & Street Show

 Cos a Cos (e-111) is a scenic production with two versions: street and indoors, with the aim of bringing the performance to all types of public spaces.

The indoors version has a duration of 1 hour and is more detailed regarding conceptual representations and technical requirements.

The street approach lasts 30 minutes and while it brings a breath of fresh air, it does not stop provoking thought.

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Distribution: L’estiba Cultural

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