Fil d’Arena

La Sal que ens ha partit

“La Sal que ens ha Partit” is the third Project of the Company.

“The journey is never over. Only travellers come to an end. But even then, they can prolong their voyage in their memories, in recollections, in stories. The end of one journey is simply the start of another”. José Saramago.

This production is about the never ending cycle of construction and destruction, vulnerability and the strength of the human being.

It is about people who find boundaries and limits in its pathway. It is a journey where imagination arises from the need to survive. 

An artistic proposition where dance, theatre and interacting scenography converge. Ten polycarbonate panels support while are being supported, move and transform the space, creating evocative images.

Dance, theater and practicable Scenery



Co-direction: Luis Meliá & Fil d’Arena
Creation & Performers: Isabel Abril, Irene Ballester, Clara Crespo, Roseta Plasencia
Music Composition: Joan Mei
Lighting Design & Technician: Ximo Rojo
Costume Design: Roseta Plasencia
Text: Clara Crespo & Guada Sàez
Video: Nacho Carrascosa
Photography: Brais Roucco

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Distribution: L’estiba Cultural

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