Projecte Escènic Llavor

Surfeando la Herencia

Surfing the Heritage

“Surfing Heritage,” directed by Roseta Plasencia, was the first production of Projecte Escènic Llavor. A proposal that represents a new creative avenue and expression for the younger generations of dancers.


The work explores the diversity and reality of Generation Z through a blend of dance styles such as classical dance, contemporary dance, salsa, hip-hop, neoclassical, voguing, and Hi Hells Dance. The piece, with a contemporary focus, questions the current society and the paradigm shift we are experiencing.

Late modern society increasingly needs spaces where people can resonate with their peers, create human networks to share physical experiences, waste time, drift aimlessly, and grow, away from the pressure of technology, image, competitiveness, productivity, and accomplishment.

This piece understands the artistic process as an experience where one can express oneself on an individual and collective level, using the performing arts as a method of social mediation. The creative process becomes a means of escape, where one can move away from individualism to find oneself in the other, foster communication, and generate community.


Living in a world that consumes us and replaces us as easily as someone folds a piece of paper or lights a cigarette. Generation Z, and those to come, are the embodiment of the enigma of identity, of uncertainty towards the future, of the instability of the present. To be able to recognize our vulnerability, to expose it publicly, and to transmit that which words cannot reach, is an act of rebellion and non-conformity.


Original Idea, Stage Direction and Choreography: Roseta Plasencia
Co-production: Projecte Escènic Llavor and Fil d’Arena

Creation and Performance: Gael Canales Grau, María Freire Govedarević, Juan Manuel Jiménez, Pedro José Juárez Prados, Laura López Ferrer, María José Rodríguez Pérez, Míriam Tazi Gutiérrez, Alba de Haro Lara and Victoria Carretero

Textual Dramaturgy: Roseta Plasencia and Xavi Puchades (based on improvisations by the performers)

Final Text: Juan Pablo Serra

Musical Composition: Carles Salvador

Lighting Design: Almudena Oneto

Design Adaptation: Mundi Gómez

Choreographic Assistance: Carmen Martínez

Costumes: Performers and Roseta Plasencia

Photography: Juan Antonio Cárdenas Martín


Suitable for all audiences
Indoor performance, especially aimed at young and adult audiences aged 12 and over

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