My interest in movement, training, pedagogy and the stage have led me to develop
my work in an integrative way, combining the stage world with the pedagogical one. I
understand the different performing arts, disciplines and methodologies as tools in
service of artistic expression, teaching, personal and professional growth.


Co-director of the company Fil d’Arena Dansa-Teatre, along with my colleagues Clara Crespo, Isabel Abril and Irene Ballester.

Founder of the association Projecte Escènic Llavor, a platform to facilitate the transition between academic and professional life.

Co-founder and co-director of CREAT, a space dedicated to professional training and creation in circus arts, in Valencia.

I teach movement workshops based on my research on acrodanza, verticals, movement and its intermediate paths.

I accompany the creative processes of performing arts companies as a choreographer.

I work as a performer for other dance, theater and circus companies, such as Cía. Ferroviaria and Sargantana Circ Inclusiu.

I create custom-made pieces for dance and circus training centers.

I design and coordinate events with custom-made artistic interventions for companies.

MOVEMENT as a main guide of life

Dance and movement as a universal language where age, origin, social, cultural, or ideological differences do not matter
The different artistic disciplines at the service of scenic expression
The body as an expressive element that transits states, images, concepts, emotions
A permeable body as a transmission tool for own and collective discourse
Train&Play workshops as an experience that brings together professionals from various disciplines to share, generate, learn
Movement as the main focus of action
The creative process as a space for thoughts, which allows us to unleash our curiosity, where there are no absolute beliefs and everything is questionable
Community dance as a means of communication that generates shared artistic experiences
Work teams as ephemeral families that put their best skills at the service of culture
Movement culture as a transmitter of values ​​and healthy habits
The stage act as a means of communication with society
Collective creation as a transformative experience, of learning and personal and collective growth
The performing arts as a means of expression, which link our socio-political reality with the concerns that arise as a collective
Each training workshop as an opportunity to generate links, networks, communication channels, between people and the arts
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Graduated as an Interpreter at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in Antwerp, Belgium, and as a Choreographer at the Conservatorio Superior de Danza in Valencia, Spain. Specialised in Contemporary Dance.

Diplomated in Dramatic Art at the Dramatic Study of Valencia, developing continuous training for four years in different acting, vocal and body work techniques.

Non-regulated training in different circus techniques, such as Floor Acrobatics, Handstand and partneracrobatics. Specialized in Static Trapeze.


on my path

As a trapeze artist the circus has been my expressive medium. Nowadays it is one more tool, alongsides with dance and theater.


Years of experience in circus, dance and education have led me to develop training programs based on transdisciplinarity which I call Train&Play. In these programs, I investigate movement around acrobatics, contemporary dance, animal movement, verticals, partnering and physical preparation, nourishing and applying the tools of one discipline to another.

With the Train&Play workshops I have visited Chile, Belgium, France, Italy and Switzerland, among others. At a national level, Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Bilbao, Santiago and Zaragoza. At a local level, in Valencian centers such as the Professional Conservatory and the Higher Conservatory of Dance, APDCV training cycles at the Rialto Theater, Club Dynamic, or Botanic Espai de Dansa, among others.