I can accompany you in your creative process as a choreographer. I can also create a custom choreographic piece for your company or training center.

I can be part of your next stage project as a performer, whether it’s a theatre, dance, circus, audiovisual, site-specific performance, or multidisciplinary production.

Artistic design and production of customized events according to the client’s needs or the reason for the celebration.

Three workshop modalities, under the same work line but from different perspectives: Movement, Physical Conditioning, and Partnering. Multiple tools and paths that will provide you resources as a performer, movement enthusiast, and trainer or for programming at your training center.

I can develop a tailor-made social project for your collective, space, educational center, festival, town… whether it’s community dance or social circus.

You can take regular classes with me in the city of Valencia, in movement techniques and physical conditioning in different spaces. I can also teach classes at your center; inquire about my availability.