Own Creations


Fil d'Arena

I am part of the company Fil d’Arena Dansa-Teatre as creator and performer, together with Isabel Abril, Clara Crespo and Irene Ballester. Fil d’Arena Dansa-Teatre is a multidisciplinary company that is organized horizontally, carrying out collective creation.


The company has a national and international projection. Since 2015 its supported by: IVC (Valencian Institute of Culture); the Cultural Action Program of the Valencia City Council; the INAEM (National Institute of Performing Arts and Music); as well as local organizations such as, the Creation Residences of Carme Theatre hall in 2017 or the residence program Graners de Creació 2019.

“Movement is our language. Bodies, our tools”

Fil d´Arena emerged in 2011, as a space to materialize our concerns as a group. Since my incorporation in 2014 we have created four shows: La Sal que ens ha Partit (2015), Salt (2017), Cos a Cos. E111 (2019) and Nina (2019).



In addition to working as a creator and performer in the dance productions of Fil d’Arena, I work as an interpreter with the circus company La Finestra Nou Circ and the theater company CIA. Ferroviaria.


Family show by Cia Ferroviaria, which incorporates physical theater, circus and live music.
Show of La Finestra Nou Circ that combines professional and social circus, and integrates circus, live music, theater and dance. Composed by five professional artists and two young people with functional diversity.



Big Dance”

"We seek to bring dance to all kinds of audiences and connect with society"

The Big Dance is an international socio-cultural initiative for dance, which the company Fil d’Arena Dansa-Teatre with the collaboration of CulturArts teatre i dansa held in Valencia on May 20, 2016. It was able to bring together more than 300 people dancing the same choreography in the City Center of Valencia.


The objective of this project is to bring art to the street, to spread the dance, and to sensitize the citizens through a community and diversity project. Big Dance consists of congregating a large number of people in a public space, to perform a simultaneous choreography of 3 minutes. This choreography was performed at the same time in different cities of Spain, Madrid, Donostia and Valencia, and in different countries of the world. For this tenth edition the choreographer chosen was Akram Khan, who performed the choreography for all types of people and levels of experience in dance, on an original music by Nitin Sawhney.


Pina Bausch in memoriam”

Action developed from July 15 to 20, 2019 within the framework of the Deltebre Dansa Festival, together with Isabel Abril and Irene Ballester.

Creation of a tribute piece around The NELKEN-Line, one of the works of Pina Bausch. A piece based on the alternation of the four seasons symbolised by dancers proceeding in a long line and for which we were inspired by emotions and nuances. We also saw how Pina Bausch involved people of all ages, respecting their abilities. The end result was the creation of a choreographic march inviting the Festival’s audience to take part.


Qui t’estima”

Made by Antoni Sendra and Carlos Aparicio for the song “Qui T’estima”, included in the second album “Oh, Germanes!” by the Valencian band Gener.


“See your future, in the future machine”

Video of the NiñoViejo collective as a parody of the first TV commercials. The video is part of their installation for the ECONCIENCIA exhibition at the Casa Pasarela Fair at IFEMA.


“Interactive Dance”

Collaboration with EDI Project consisting of an interactive dance piece where the projected visuals react in real time to the sound and movement on stage.