Movement and Physical Conditioning Train&Play Sessions. You can join from all over the world and without leaving home, adapted to small spaces and organized by levels.

The Movement and physical conditioning trainings are aimed at a diverse audience: dancers, circus artists, movers, martial artists, actors & actresses, capoeiristas, breakdancers, fitnessers, urban dance, yogi and those interested in movement in general.


Also targeted at untrained people.

The Physical Conditioning trainings have a mixed level. No prior specific technical knowledge or work is required. Each person will work according to their abilities and possibilities, and variations will be offered simultaneously by levels of difficulty.


The Movement trainings are organized by levels: initiation, medium and advanced; depending on the prior knowledge of attendants. The type of material and focus is similar, but the rhythm and dynamics of the classes vary. Contemporary dance technique and choreographic memory is a determining factor for level choice.


The Movement online training aim is to offer skills to train and understand Movement, from different approaches in a creative way.

Also to offer tools to develop our physical condition, to go beyond our limits, and to relate with the floor and the space from a playful approach.

We will work on the relation with the floor, the entrances and the exits, the receptions, the softness and the integration of soft acrobatics in the movement sequences, preparation or anticipation, and using the unbalance as a motor of movement, the handstands as a suspension of the center, the fluidity in the change of directions, the combination of qualities, the rhythm and the musicality of the movement it self.


The main focus is to offer tools to improve our physical condition, to work on our mobility, strength, flexibility, coordination, speed, aerobic condition, and balance from a natural, fluid and organic movement, but at the same time of great physical requirement. We will work to develop an agile, decisive, effective body, prepared to carry out any physical activity or sport.

The online trainings follow the philosophy and pattern of the Train&Play movement and physical conditioning workshops.

We will work with our body and the space, without the need for objects or elements.

We will use tools from Contemporary Dance, Acrobatics, Physical Conditioning, Animal Movement and Handstands, to develop our Movement Technique and Physical Condition.

Classes take place via Zoom. Once payment is received, you will get the link with access to the virtual room where the session will take place.


For the session you only need to download the App on your computer, tablet or phone, and make an account for free.

Contact to know schedules and prices.

If you are interested in having a Movement or Physical Conditioning Train&Play online session on your digital platform, please contact me.

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