Technical work of Partnering, understood as movement tools for working in pairs, trio or group. We will explore the possibilities of movement with the body of the other. It combines disciplines such as contemporary dance, acrobatics or circus acro-lifts.

The Partnering workshops are directed towards a diverse audience: dancers, circus artists, movers, martial artists, actors & actresses, and, in general, those interested in exploring movement.

The workshops are organized by levels: beginners and upper-intermediate. The aims of the research and technical work are similar but the type of material, the rhythm and dynamics of the class would increase in each level. Contemporary dance technique and choreographic memory are a determining factor for the choice of level.

Work on body awareness and the sharing of weight. The objectives are to understand, train and integrate contact work techniques. Different types of grips, supports, projections and impulses will be used as resources to apply qualities, intentions, energies, dynamics and other interpretative tools.

Tools from Contemporary Dance, Contact Dance, Acrobatics, Circus lifts, Martial Arts, will be used to work and understand the Partnering work.


Each session It will be divided into 3 parts:

  • Partnering Technical Work, where we will train on different ways of approaching and making contact with the partner’s body: manipulating or being manipulated, being a support or travelling on his/her body, in essence, researching the physical relationship with the partner.
  • Choreographic work, where you will learn a repertoire duo or trio. Collecting and putting into practice the material learned in the technical part.
  • Creation Work, where the focus will be on intentions and expression, allowing freedom and guiding participants to generate new materials and find their own discourse within the proposed choreography.

The Partnering workshops are held in different centers & cities of Spain throughout the year, generally in intensive weekend or week formats. You can find more information about upcoming courses in the agenda.

If you are interested in having an Partnering workshop at your center, please contact me.

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From the contact work we seek to open our senses and develop our non verbal communication in motion, to listen to the other, activate the attention, perception, the intentions...
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