Animal Movement

Physical training inspired by patterns of movement in the animal world. It combines mobility practice with strength, coordination, flexibility and speed work.

The Animal Movement workshops are aimed at a diverse audience: dancers, circus artists, movers, martial artists, capoeiristas, actors & actresses, people from breakdance, fitness, urban dance, yoga and those interested in movement in general.

Mixed level. No prior specific technical knowledge or work is required. Each person will work according to their abilities and possibilities, and variations will be offered by levels of difficulty.

Movement training inspired by the animal world. Its intention is to offer tools towards body awareness, mobility, strength, flexibility, coordination, control and precision. From a natural, fluid and organic movement, but at the same time of great physical requirement, we will work to develop an agile, decisive, effective body, physically prepared to carry out any physical activity or sport.

The course has two sections:

First, we will make repetitions of patterns, figures and quadruped movement travelling, inspired by animals and organized in sequences, which will gradually increase in complexity.

Then we will focus on handstands from different approaches: dynamic handstands focusing on different ways to enter and exit the vertical, understood as a suspension of the pelvis; and static verticals, focusing on searching for body balance.

The Animal Movement workshops are held regularly in the city of Valencia throughout the year, generally in intensive weekend or week formats. You can find information about upcoming courses in the agenda.

If you are interested in having an Animal Movement workshop at your center, please contact me.

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"THROUGH the repetition of quadruped displacement patterns, we seek to develop our physical and mobility abilities".
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