Fil d’Arena


“SÉNIA” is a reflection on the inertia of movement and the need to stop in a mechanical and overproductive system that does not allow us to do so.


A personal and collective reasoning that arises in the midst of the pandemic, during confinement, and now “takes shape” with the aim of pointing out the frenetic pace we carry day by day, without stopping to breathe and enjoy the journey.


An even more urgent need for professionals in the performing arts and the cultural sector in general. To stop to create, to cherish the process, to empty the mind and fill it again with new ideas, to breathe without fear of inactivity and precariousness.

Traditionally, a “sénia” (säniya in Arabic) was a water supply machine for irrigation in the orchard, consisting of a wheel driven by animals.


"I want to stop, to be stagnant water. Let the green grow inside me silently, in a malodorous metamorphosis that releases all that is hidden, oxygenating. To be decay that generates life. Yellow irises, twinkling grass. Microorganisms, mineral salts, phytoplankton, swamp skaters. To dive deeply and discover long-forgotten and uninhabited places, with silenced bells, where no one plays or walks anymore. I want to stop and dive into dark abysses, but I lack the air. Without gills, I suffocate.


Creation and performance: Isabel Abril, Irene Ballester, Roseta Plasencia, Hector Rodriguez, Sergio Moya

Second cast: Victoria Iborra, Sergio Navarro, Clara Crespo

Direction: Fil d’arena

Choreographic advice: Roberto Oliván

Sound design: Carles Salvador

Graphic design: Assad Kassab

External perspective / Executive production: Clara Crespo, Isabel Abril

Communication: Vanessa Martinez Montesinos

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(+34) 667 508 896

Distribution: L’estiba Cultural

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