A generalist and multidisciplinary teaching method that combines different techniques and ways of facing and understanding bodywork and movement.

Inspired by my professional career in different practices and performing disciplines, from theater, dance, circus, yoga and music.

A scenic and pedagogical philosophy that understands artistic disciplines as a medium at the service of expression and professional, physical and personal growth.


Movement training that uses Contemporary Dance, Acrobatics, Handstands, Animal Movement, Partnering, Impro and its intermediate paths.

Physical Conditioning

​Physical training inspired by patterns of movement in the animal world. It combines mobility practice with strength, coordination, flexibility and speed work.


Training for movement work in pairs, trios or groups. Technical work of connection, grips, impulses, as well as choreographic material.

Train&Play Online

Movement and Physical Conditioning Train&Play sessions. You can join from all over the world and without moving from home, adapted to small spaces and organized by levels.



As a physical, technical and expressive language. The freedom of the language of contemporary dance to transit and enter into other languages.


For its methodology, physicality, energy and explosiveness. Physical controll to move in different planes and around different axes.


For the freedom provided by trusting hands as supporting points, and the power to suspend and travel the vertical axis while inverted.


Because of the physical strength that provides coordination work and the repetition of movement patterns in quadrupeds.


As a tool to reach beyond our own limits when working with the unexpected of the interaction with the other.

Upcoming Workshops

The workshops take place in different Spanish and foreign cities throughout the year, generally in an intensive weekend or week format.