Paraules Buides

“Empty Words”

Roseta Plasencia & Sebastian Rowinsky

“Paraules Buides” is a street piece created, choreographed, and performed by Roseta Plasencia and Sebastian Rowinsky. The 18-minute piece is adaptable to unconventional spaces and is suitable for all audiences.


The project embraces transdisciplinarity as both a working philosophy and a means of expression. The boundaries between disciplines are blurred to serve the scenic expression. The dramaturgy of the work and movement draw from acrodance, acroporting, and physical theatre. The choreographic material takes center stage. The proposal demands a high level of mastery of body techniques, as well as a multidisciplinary background in acting, dance, circus arts, parkour, and martial arts.


"Decaying, comfortable, conformist, tired, established, ingrained love. These are the words that define the state of the relationship in "Paraules Buides", a work that explores the emptiness of passionless love. Affection becomes a habit, gestures become empty. Love runs deep, but from the disdain of everyday life. The truth of love is taken for granted, and the connection between bodies is established without the need for a glance. A kiss without eye contact, a walk without locking eyes, a presence without truly being present. The performers of "Paraules Buides" confront us with this reality: a relationship where pure and unconditional love has been relegated to oblivion, so deeply rooted in routine that its extinguished flame goes unnoticed."


Co-production: Fil d’Arena and Cos Costant

Creation, choreography, and performance: Roseta Plasencia and Sebastian Rowinsky

Musical composition: Carles Salvador

Executive production: Clara Crespo

Graphic design: Carles Salvador

Video: Gema Iglesias