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Community Dance


“The Big Dance,” an international dance initiative, was organized by Fil d’Arena Dansa-Teatre in collaboration with CulturArts Teatre i Dansa in Valencia on May 20, 2016. More than 300 people danced the same choreography in Plaza de la Virgen in Valencia.

The Big Dance project aims to bring art to the streets, promote dance, and raise awareness among citizens through diversity and community participation. It involves gathering a large number of people in public spaces to perform a simultaneous 3-minute choreography. This initiative takes place in several cities in Spain and in different countries around the world. Each year, a prominent British creator is commissioned to design the choreography, with Akram Khan chosen for the tenth edition, featuring original music by Nitin Sawhney. In 2018, we once again developed the project at the Deltebre Dansa Festival.


Performance developed from July 15th to 20th, 2019, as part of the Deltebre Dansa Festival, alongside Isabel Abril and Irene Ballester.

Creation of a tribute piece inspired by The NELKEN-Line, one of Pina Bausch’s works. A piece about the passing of seasons and for which we drew inspiration from emotions and nuances. We also observed how Pina Bausch involved people of all ages, respecting their abilities. The final result was the creation of a choreographic march performed in front of the audience at the Festival.



Music video in which I participate alongside dancer Sebastián Rowinsky. Created and directed by Antoni Sendra and Carlos Aparicio for the song “Qui T’estima,” included in the second album “Oh, Germanes!” by the Valencian band Gener.

Dancers: Roseta Plasencia & Sebastián Rowinsky

Directors: Carlos Aparicio & Antoni Sendra

Director and Designer: Antoni Sendra

Production: Ferrán Toledo, Laure Núñez, Tubal Perales, Carles Chiner

Director of Photography (DOP): Carlos Aparicio

Makeup: Alba Colorus

Costume Design: Dolo Chanzà, Marta Chiner, Roseta Plasencia

Ronin Operators: Iñaki Antuñano, Jano Sempere, Tubal Perales

Art: Dolo Chanzà

Editing: Carlos Aparicio & Antoni Sendra

VFX (Visual Effects): Alfonso Suárez, Vicent Todolí, Antoni Sendra


Video by the collective NiñoViejo, created in collaboration with dancer and acrobat Jose Dopateo, as a parody of the early consumerist television commercials. The video is part of their installation for the ECONCIENCIA exhibition at the Casa Pasarela Fair in IFEMA.


Interactive dance performance in collaboration with Proyecto EDI, featuring a dance improvisation where the projected visuals react in real time to sound and movement on stage. The collaboration took place on the premiere day of their show “TicTacTictic” (December 29, 2010) at the Espai de Circ (Alboraya).