The Train&Play workshops are a strong physical and technical Movement training using different disciplines such as Contemporary Dance, Acrobatics, Handstands, Animal Movements or Partnering playing around the paths in between them.

The Train&Play Movement workshops are aimed at a diverse audience: dancers, circus artists, movers, martial artists, actors & actresses, capoeiristas, breakdancers, fitnessers, urban dance, yogi and those interested in movement in general.

The courses are organized by levels: initiation, medium and advanced; depending on the prior knowledge of attendants. The type of material and focus is similar, but the rhythm and dynamics of the classes vary. Contemporary dance technique and choreographic memory is a determining factor for level choice.

The Train&Play workshops’ aims are to develop our physical condition, to go beyond our limits, and to relate with the floor, the space and our partners, in a playfull way from different approaches.

We will work on the relation with the floor, the entrances and the exits, the receptions, the softness and the integration of soft acrobatics in the movement sequences, preparation or anticipation, and using the unbalance as a motor of movement, the handstands as a suspension of the center, the fluidity in the change of directions, the combination of qualities, the rhythm and the musicality of the movement it self.

We will play and walk through the path between the technique and the impro, using different improvisation tasks on top of set material, to discover new paths in our body, our way of moving and the relation with the group in the space.

The workshops are designed as training for movement focused on floor work, handstands and soft acrobatics, inside dance material. They also cover different aspects such as physical preparation from animal movement patterns, the use of partnering exercises as a working tool, and contemporary dance as a main movement language.

We will work on various versions of handstands, cartwheels, headstands, tricks, moves, front and back rolls, jumps, kicks, spirals, floor landslides, ways to get in and out of the ground in an organic, fluid, effortless way.
All the individual movements we practice and learn, will be afterward organized and used in a choreographic way, from shorter to longer sequences, taking care of the expression, the transitions, the qualities, dynamics, and details.

The Train&Play workshops are held in different centers & cities of Spain throughout the year, generally in intensive weekend or week formats. You can find more information about upcoming courses in the agenda.

If you are interested in having a Train&Play workshop at your center, please contact me.

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"Through play games, partnering tasks and coordination exercises, WE SEEK TO DEVELOP AN AGILE, RESOLUTIVE, AVAILABLE, EFFECTIVE BODY”
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